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MAY 5th: 10AM to 12PM         COLOR THROW AT 11:30AM


Rain date on May 6th


     Join your friends & neighbors as we say a final "good riddance" to winter. 

For the Love of Swampscott's Festival of Colors is inspired by the international Holi Festival-  

signifying the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day

to meet others, forget and forgive, and play and laugh.


Food Trucks! Enjoy lunch from Trolley Dogs & Cookie Monstah

Music!  Join Love the Djembe and try your hand in their the African Drum Circle

or relish in the musical stylings of Swampscott High School's Jazz Band.

Crafts! Help us set the mood by creating colorful crafts which you can take home.

Henna Art!  Feel festive by displaying Mehndi- temporary body art from natural plant dye. 

Henna by Heather will be available for $5 per henna tattoo.

Entertainment!  Swampscott's All About Dance will perform throughout the afternoon.

and we are most excited about the


Signifying the coming of spring and all the new colors it brings to nature, we'll distribute all-natural*

colored powder to be thrown collectively at promptly 11:30am.


Be sure to wear white clothes that you don't mind stained, so that we are all blank canvases ready to be colored!

*This all-natural powder is made from corn starch & natural plant dyes & fragrance.

It will not harm the grass, sand, or ocean and will blow/ wash away quickly.


-Anyone with asthma or any other breathing issues should avoid the color throw, or at least wear a mask.

Same advice if you happen to be allergic to corn starch.

-Do not wear contacts if participating in the color throw.

-Do not throw powders directly into anyone’s face.   Sprinkle or stroke them on with finger tips.

**sunglasses & face masks will be available for purchase**


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